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Student Agreement

Kindly reply AGREED if you are good with our terms and conditions or if you still have questions, please let us know for more clarifications and assistance. Thanks.

1. Coverage

  • HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL shall provide language tutorial services to students herein represented by the Client a length of duration depending on the chosen course/language. The tutorial shall cover the following subject: Foreign Languages (depending on the chosen course/language.) and shall be rendered depending on the schedule chosen by the student in the enrollment form.

2. Terms of Payment

  • Enrollment fees must be paid in advance. As a rule, student slot shall only be reserved upon FULL or PARTIAL payment for Onsite and Online Classes. Note that access to the online platform or online class must be regulated based on the guidelines set forth below:

2.A FULL PAYMENT: Complete access until the last day of class.

2.B INSTALLMENT: Must comply with the schedule of payment for non-expiry of access to the online class.

FIRST PAYMENT: First Day of Class (25% of the remaining balance)
FINAL PAYMENT: 15th Day of Class (total balance)

2.C Students who successfully completed the course will have two(2) months free access to the learning materials in the online platform.


3. Refund Policy. Strictly No Refund Policy

  • 3.A NO SHOW, NO CALL BY THE STUDENT on the whole course considered forfeited.
  • 3.B NO EXCHANGE TO OTHER BRANCHES FOR BOTH ONSITE OR ONLINE CLASSES, HACEE SPANISH LANGUAGE CENTER Management differs by branches. Thus, we do not allow exchanging or transferring to a different branch.
  • 3.C EXCHANGE OF SCHEDULE/START DATE. The student shall seek approval for his/her request to transfer to a different SCHEDULE from HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL Management and should be given at least ONE week notice before the class starts and provided that availability of schedule is still available upon request and must be approved by HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL. Only a maximum of TWO (2) change of schedule will be allowed to students extending their start date of the class, otherwise, if the student failed to come on her designated schedule, fees paid will be forfeited.
  • 3.D PAYMENT OF STUDENT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE unless otherwise approved by HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL Management under certain circumstances and special cases.
  • 3.E INVALID MEDICAL REASON. No refund shall be granted for any invalid medical reason. Students Need to provide medical documents of himself/herself (under his /her name, not from relatives) from the attending physician at least 7 days before the class starts and must be verified by HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL with their attending Physician. In any case, that MEDICAL DOCUMENT is proven valid and is approved, student must be granted extension of their start date of the class, otherwise, if the student failed to come on her designated schedule, fees paid will be forfeited.
  • 3.F INVALID EMERGENCY CASES. HOLA AMIGOS CURSO EN ESPAÑOL Management has the right to approve and reject any emergency cases presented by the student for the purpose of extending their start date.
    Below are sample INVALID emergency cases and automatically be REJECTED.
  • 3.1 Sickness of family members. Needs to attend to a sick family member preventing students to attend to Spanish classes.
  • 3.2 Conflict of Work Schedule. Students seeking a refund because of the conflict of schedule. Students can request a move/change of schedule to a later start date. Please refer to 3C above.
  • 3.3 Needs to attend to Family Matters. Absence of a Nanny and or caregiver in the family preventing students to attend to Spanish classes. Students can request a move/change of schedule to a later start date. Please refer to 3C above.

4. Venue

  • Classes will be conducted at the chosen branch either ONSITE or ONLINE. 

5. Selection of Tutor

  • HACEE shall select the tutor/s that will render the tutorial services to the student/class. Should the student desire to have another tutor for a valid reason, HACEE must be informed immediately and must be approved. In the event that the tutor will not be able to complete the required tutorial services for any reason whatsoever, HACEE shall look for an appropriate replacement within a reasonable period.

6. No Representations

  • HACEE does not make any representation, guarantee, or warranty of any kind whatsoever that the student shall pass or excel in any and all examinations or tests, or shall gain mastery in the subjects concerned. HACEE shall nevertheless exert its best efforts so that the student shall benefit from all the fees he/she has paid to HACEE.

7. Confidential Matters

  • For the student’s protection, HACEE does not allow its Professor to divulge, during or after this contract, any information concerning any of HACEE’s Clients. HACEE asks the same from its Students. Likewise, we request Students not to discuss any and all terms of this contract, with anyone especially our Professors/Tutors.

7. Attendance & Certification

  • No certificate of completion shall be granted during the last day of class to students with more than 5 absences unless otherwise absences are approved and valid.

9. Important Reminders

  1. ALL CONCERNS MUST BE DIRECTED TO THE OFFICE. Changes in schedule, frequency, and length of the tutorial services must be arranged through HACEE’s branches/offices.
  2. SEEKING OR ACCEPTING ANY TUTORIAL SERVICE DIRECTLY from any HACEE’s tutors is deemed offensive and is not allowed even after the terms of the contract have expired.
  3. HACEE AIMS TO PLEASE ITS STUDENTS. Complaints, questions, or suggestions are most welcome and must be directed to the manager as soon as possible.
  4. IF A STUDENT IS ABSENT FROM A CLASS SESSION no makeup class will be given.
  5. IF A STUDENT COMES LATE FOR THE TUTORIAL, the original schedule for the class session shall be followed (e.g. if the schedule is from 2-6 pm & the student is late for 15 minutes, the original schedule which is 2-6 pm shall be logged).

This contract is legally binding and final. The client acknowledge that they enter into it with their own free will and it is not reversible. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Philippines.